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It is our policy to ensure we operate in a manner than minimises the impact of our operations on the environment.

This policy is achieved via:

  • Analysing possible environmental impacts (e.g. declared flora and fauna, water sources and quality, indigenous areas, fire risks, stock issues etc) before work is commenced at any new job sites via a Pre-Start Checklist.
  • Working with other contractors to ensure adequate awareness of environmental issues through pre-start inductions at each plantation.
  • Raising environmental issues at monthly toolbox meetings.
  • Recording, investigating and reporting any environmental incident or accident as specified in the accident/incident procedure above. This includes the statutory reporting of significant hydrocarbon spills.
  • Waste management through disposal of waste products in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • Good housekeeping practices on site including removal of all waste products/rubbish. Rubbish Bin located at each site.
  • Ensuring products are used and stored in accordance, with the manufacturers specifications.
  • Ensuring Spill Response Kits are available on each site and that employees understand response procedure.


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