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It is our policy to provide adequate training and equipment to team members to ensure their safety in the event of a fire.

This policy is achieved via:

  • Organising fire training (using the volunteer fire fighting course modules 1 to 3) as required or requested.
  • Ensuring appropriate firefighting equipment is available in machinery.
  • Ensure staff are trained in operating firefighting equipment supplied.
  • Access and Implementation of an Emergency Response Procedure including associated contacts points.
  • Ensuring that chemicals and/or gas cylinders are stored correctly in accordance with regulations and applicable MSDS held.
  • Allocation of a designated “Muster Point” at Pre-Start Check for each site.

In the event of a fire, team members are required to assess whether it can be easily extinguished and do so as quickly as possible in accordance with their training.  However, if there is any doubt as to whether it can be extinguished, priority is to be given to the potential of loss of life and workers are to evacuate the site or plantation and contact relevant agencies in accordance with their training.  This includes ensuring all people in the area go to an agreed muster point to await further instructions.  On work sites, this point is to be agreed and noted as part of the initial site assessment process (Pre-Start Check).

The following should be adhered to by all staff:

  • No fires are to be lit on site including BBQ’s or cooking facilities.
  • Smoking is prohibited within the work site except designated areas. Cigarettes are to be extinguished and removed/disposed of offsite.
  • Immediate cease of operation once informed of Fire Ban. Light Vehicle movement is only allowed on designated access routes.
  • Fuelling of any vehicle or machinery should not be done on green material (leaves, slash, tree debris), or under/near powerlines.
  • Machines should be cleared of debris regularly. Minimum – once daily.
  • Any welding, cutting or grinding should be performed on a cleared area (road/firebreak). During Summer or on warm days a fire tender should be accessible within 50m of the duty being performed.

Any fire circumstance is to be reported to Site Supervisor for discussion and recorded via an Incident Report.  The incident report must be received by supervisor no later than 24hrs after the incident.

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