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In the event of an injury, immediate notification to your direct supervisor should be sought.  It is important that if you require immediate medical attention that you request the first aid officer on site to assess you.

If someone is injured and is unresponsive advise the First Aid Officer on site and assist with seeking additional medical attention if required.

Follow the Emergency response procedures at all times when employee’s safety is at risk.

If your injury does not require immediate medical attention it is important to still stop work and discuss the situation with your supervisor.  If you do not report an incident / work related injury within 30 days of you becoming aware of the injury then you may not be entitled to compensation.

After seeking medical attention, you should receive a “First Medical Certificate” from the medical practitioner/emergency department. A copy of this medical certificate is required by the employer to lodge a claim on your behalf.

You must fill in and lodge a claim form as soon as possible.  Forms are available from the office. On receipt of claim forms, first medical certificate and the incident report, the claim will be lodged with the insurance company no later than 10 days after received.

By law an employer can’t refuse to lodge your claim or dismiss you from employment for making a claim.

The insurance company will assess the claim and determine if there is liability.

Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving is unable to pay Workers Compensation payments until liability has been accepted by the insurer.

If liability is not accepted by the insurance company and you disagree with the decision, advice can be sought from Workcover WA.

Your rights and your obligations under the Workers Compensation Act can be found on the Worksafe Australia website.

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