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It is our policy that workers wear PPE in accordance with relevant legislation and to protect themselves in the work place.  The following PPE is to be worn on plantation harvesting sites at all times.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

  • Protective helmet, Hi visibility vest, jacket or jumper (Night/Day), Steel cap boots.

PPE requirements for sites are to be assessed based on site and task specific requirements.  As part of their training workers must have identified the PPE required to operate the piece of equipment they are using and then assess the site and conditions to determine further PPE and safety control measures such as signage or bunting to prevent access to the danger area.  If a worker forgets to bring the required PPE to site and there is no spare available they may be sent home to retrieve the item at their own expense.

Ear plugs must be worn as at minimum whilst operating high noise risk machinery.

Eye protection is to be worn at the discretion of the worker based on the job they are undertaking and site-specific hazards.  All grinding, welding and workshop duties which involve loose particles or flying debris, eye protection is mandatory.

Task specific PPE requirements must also be assessed for work carried out in the workshop or yard based on the work environment and the piece of equipment being used.  Where workers are unsure of PPE requirements they must contact their supervisor or management.  Those couple of minutes to assess the risk may prevent serious injury or even death.

PPE provided by the company include –

  • Hi visibility vest and/or Hi visibility shirts (Night/Day)
  • Ear plugs or Ear muffs (Job Specific)
  • Safety glasses / Face Shields (Job specific)
  • Gloves (Job specific)
  • Breathing apparatus (Job specific – Boiler/Makers / Chemical Technicians)

During the induction process your inductor will show you how to use each of these items if you are unaware of the process.

PPE must be replaced as soon as practicable after becoming aware of:

  • Any damage which affects its effectiveness
  • Malfunction during operation

All PPE supplied is required to meet the associated Australian Standard.  If you bring any PPE to work which has not been supplied by Phoenix it will need to comply with these standards. Please make your site supervisor aware if you are using your own PPE.

PPE will be replaced on the basis of the reasonable life of the item.  PPE must be replaced at the expense of the worker if lost or damaged because of negligence.

Steel-Capped Boots will be the responsibility of the worker to purchase.

Hearing tests may be required at commencement of employment based on your job roll. This is to determine the current health of your hearing and to be able to monitor any decline in hearing ability from future Audiometric testing that may be conducted.

All staff should be aware that it is necessary to work outside on occasions and as such they become subject to ultra violet light.  Please ensure you adequately use sunscreen to protect yourself from becoming sunburnt, sunscreen is available in all Maintenance support vehicles.

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