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Please read through this policy carefully.
Links to each aspect of the policy can be clicked on in the menu on the Right Hand Side of this page, or you may proceed by simply clicking “Next” after you have read each page.
You will be required to acknowledge that you have read and agreed to this policy on the last section.

Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment.

This policy applies to all employees, contractors and any visitors to Company sites.

The key points of this policy are that:

  • the possession, soliciting, selling, distribution or consumption of illicit or non-prescribed drugs is prohibited
  • employees must not be under the influence of illicit, prescribed or non-prescribed drugs or alcohol to a level where it could risk injury to any person, including the user, or where it contradicts any statutory requirement. Whilst this applies to any activity, it is critical where employees are required to operate vehicles or equipment, or work within the proximity of operating vehicles or machinery.
  • the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in vehicles or within any company operational area
  • when Company-hosted social and business functions are held, the consumption of non-alcoholic and low alcohol beverages will be encouraged

Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving will:

  • at the request of any employee provide reasonable assistance including a structured rehabilitation program without any fear of reprisal to the individual
  • provide appropriate awareness and or training programs to employees on the effects of drugs & alcohol
  • encourage, in consultation with employees and others, at nominated workplaces, random drug and alcohol testing. The company reserves the right to conduct drug and alcohol testing of those involved in a workplace incident or accident
  • reserve the right to discipline any employee, which may include summary dismissal, whom breaches this policy or any statutory requirements

Jeremy Palmer
Managing Director

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