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It is our policy to ensure that hazards are identified, investigated and eliminated or controlled before any task or work at a new site is started.

This policy is achieved via:

  • Ensuring workers are aware of generic hazards associated with the job site currently working on.
  • A full review of potential hazards (Job Hazard Analysis) to be completed by the Site Supervisor before work is started at each new site with details recorded on a site map to be issued to each worker at the site and signed off.
  • Site Supervisor discussing the cause of the hazard, assessing the risk, formulating possible risk controls with the work team and providing a written recommendation to management.
  • Management eliminating the hazard in conjunction with and to the satisfaction of the work team.
  • Hazards being discussed at company safety meetings and or tool-box meetings.
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) available for all products at each location held.
  • Signage where appropriate for Hazardous/Flammable Products.
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for specific hazardous tasks.

Under no circumstances is any worker to complete a task where there is an unacceptable safety risk

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