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Good communication is a vital part of a safe and productive workplace.  It is our policy to ensure:

  • Communication tools are available i.e. UHF/Mobile Phones whether supplied or personal.
  • All levels of supervision and managements are available to discuss concerns
  • Issues are discussed openly and promptly
  • Issues are investigated and rectified in a timely manner
  • Ongoing improvement to the workplace environment

This is achieved by

  • Weekly meetings at all levels of the management structure
  • Regular Tool box meetings
  • Formal documentation processes.
    – Pre-start Checks (Vehicles/Machinery) are to be completed daily
    – Maintenance Requests (As required)
    – Timesheets, completed real-time and handed in fortnightly
    – Incident Reports, to be completed within 24hrs of the incident occurring.
    – Pre-start Assessments/Pre-start Briefings, conducted prior to commencement of works at each worksite.

Tool box meetings are conducted on as needed basis.

These can take place out in the field or at the depot.

Items discussed are

  • Production
  • Staff Requirements / Issues
  • Environment & Safety (Incidents, Alerts etc)
  • Policy or procedure changes
  • General day to day issues/operations



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