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Duty of Care – Employers

Every employer must as far as practical, provide and maintain a working environment in which their employees are not exposed to hazards.

Employers must:

  • Provide and maintain the work-site plant, equipment and systems of work so that employees are not exposed to hazards.
  • Provide such information, instruction and training to, and supervision of all employees to enable them to perform their work in such a manner that they are not exposed to hazards.
  • Provide adequate personal protective clothing and equipment where it is not practical to avoid the presence of hazards.
  • Make arrangements for the safe use, cleaning, maintenance, transportation and disposal of substances and articles of plant

Duty of Care – Employees

The basic principle is that YOU must take responsibility and care for your own safety and for the safety of others.  You must not wilfully put at risk the health and safety of others.

You must take reasonable care to:

  • Ensure your own health and safety at work.
  • Avoid adversely affecting the health or safety of any other persons through any act or omission at work.

If you are an accredited vehicle driver, before you can drive an accredited vehicle you must:

Complete and pass a commercial drivers medical and renew it as required

Confirm Pre-starts checks and readiness for duty and understand the obligations and importance by confirming these details.

You must also comply, as far as you are reasonably able, with instructions given by your employer for your own health and safety, or for the health and safety of other persons.

You must NOT:

  • Fail to use protective clothing and equipment as provided or fail to use clothing or equipment in a manner in which you have been properly instructed.
  • Misuse or damage any equipment provided in the interest of health, safety or welfare.
  • Fail to follow company policies and procedures as provided or instructed by Site Supervisors & Management.

You must also report any:

  • Situations that you have a reason to believe could constitute a hazard to any person and you cannot correct yourself.
  • Injury, potential injury or harm to health of which you are aware arises in the course of, or in connection with your work.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all documents within the induction pack are completed correctly and signed by yourself at least 1 day prior to commencement of work. If you commence work without all documentation being received by management; no payment for hours completed will be paid as you will not be officially employed by Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving until all fully completed documentation has been received.

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