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  • All Employees/Contractors are responsible for ensuring their own compliance with this Policy.


  • If an Employee/Contractor feels unsafe working with one of their colleagues because they suspect he/she is in breach of this Policy, the Employee/Contractor should refer the matter to any supervisor or manager.


  • Employees/Contractors taking any medication (whether prescription or over the counter) must ask their medical practitioner (such as their doctor or pharmacist) whether such medication creates a risk of impairment in the performance of their duties. If the medication creates such a risk, the Employee/Contractor must disclose this to the Company prior to performing any duties.


  • Managers are expected to monitor their own reports, and to investigate situations that may breach this Policy. Appropriate steps should be taken to deal with the Employee/Contractor if the manager:


  1. observes an Employee/Contractor using drugs or alcohol or finds evidence of usage; or


  1. detects the odour of alcohol on an Employee/Contractor; or


  1. suspects an Employee/Contractor is working under the influence of drugs or alcohol (for example through abnormal or erratic behaviour); or


  1. learns from a reliable or credible source that the Employee/Contractor has consumed drugs or alcohol.


  • All referrals, suspensions, terminations and/or disciplinary action should take place in conjunction with advice from the Supervisor.
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