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It is our policy that all accidents and/or incidents that could have resulted in an accident are investigated and action taken to prevent re-occurrence.

This policy is achieved via:

  • The individual or first on the scene assessing the severity of the accident, ensuring the cause of the initial incident is no longer a danger and administering First Aid within the scope of their expertise.
  • Advising the Site Supervisor who is responsible for arranging further medical assistance, advising the work team, advising management and any other statutory body (Main Roads / Worksafe) and completing an Incident Report whichever is applicable within 24 hours.
  • Taking photographic evidence of the scene, possible causes or damage to assist with the investigation.
  • Incident Report forms are to be held on all sites and/or vehicles.
  • Implementation of an action plan to assess and improve procedures to ensure minimization of reoccurrence.
  • Discussing the reasons for accidents and incidents at Company Safety Meetings/Toolbox meetings to improve safety awareness and prevent future accidents.

Incidents which involve a Workers Compensation claim require the following additional requirements –

  • A “First Medical Certificate” (Form 3) required within 24 hours of the incident which is issued by the doctor.
  • Completed Employee Claim Form (form available from office) by the worker with 24 hours to human resources (office).
  • Associated Incident report attached to the Insurance claim form.

Incidents or Near misses can refer to a variety of situations.  It is imperative that you advise any situation outside of what is considered normal practice or variations to normal practice to your site supervisor immediately.  This includes falls or situations in which an injury could have occurred but you do not feel any injury has occurred.



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