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The company will allocate vehicles for the transport of each crew out to site, this generally will be assigned to the Site Supervisor.  Other vehicles may be allocated to other staff members for their job position.  Those employees whom have been assigned a company vehicle may only use the vehicle for the purpose of work, the vehicle will be allowed to be taken to and from their place of residence as job requirements may be effective from their place of residence.

If an employee requests the use of a company vehicle for the purpose of private use, fringe benefits tax will apply.

If an employee driving a company vehicle is involved in an accident with another vehicle, details of the other driver and vehicle must be collected and recorded.  Photos of the scene and/or damage to all vehicles are also required to be taken.  If an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or deemed to be breaking the law whilst involved in an accident, that employee may be responsible for all costs incurred to both the company and/or any third party.  The company reserves the right to dismiss an employee immediately if this was to occur.

If an employee wishes to drive their own personal vehicle out to site, the company accepts no liability for damage to that vehicle in any circumstance or for any costs incurred to the employee for running the vehicle to site or what could be considered work purposes.

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