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It is our policy that workers take care with company owned items, equipment and tools by ensuring adequate security, preventive maintenance and by using them only for company business.

This policy is achieved via:

  • Recording items issued to employees that need to be returned when they leave the company such as mobile phones, fuel cards, PPE etc.
  • Checking to ensure that these items along with company owned vehicles are used for business purposes only unless permission has been received in writing from management.
  • A preventive maintenance program specifying maintenance requirements for each piece of equipment and the next due reading or date.
  • A fault recording process via the “Maintenance Request” handed up thru management to the maintenance team and scheduled based on priority.
  • Ensuring operators understand the operating, parking and/or storage requirements for each piece of equipment or tool.
  • The regular inspection of equipment and tools by a qualified mechanic to ensure that they are being operated and/or used in a safe and effective manner.
  • Job Description outlining expectations on care of equipment
  • Plant Inspection checklists and Pre-start Inspection requirements.

Workers are reminded to treat equipment as if they own it and to contact their supervisor if they suspect there may be any mechanical problem or issue affecting its efficient use.  It is far better to take the time to resolve a minor problem than to allow it to result in a major breakdown.

The company reserves the right to take legal action where equipment is deliberately misused or damaged as a result of gross carelessness.  This includes the personal use of, or not reporting the loss of fuel cards and/or mobile phones.  It is essential that you advise management immediately if you lose or damage a company owned item so that insurance and/or cancellation requirements are initiated as soon after the incident as possible.

Under no circumstances are company vehicles to be driven by persons other than those approved by Management.  Company vehicles must be driven in accordance with State and Federal Road Rules including all regulations under the Chain of Responsibility, speeding and dangerous driving will not be tolerated and could result in instant dismissal.

Care must be taken whilst driving company vehicles at all times.  Various driving and terrain conditions can be experienced and as such adjustment should be made to allow for potential hazards, examples can include

  • Wet and slippery road surfaces – potential to lose control if travelling to fast
  • Loose gravel or boggy ground – potential to lose control if travelling to fast
  • Stumps, sticks and branches – these can damage the undercarriage of the vehicle or flick-up and damage the side of the vehicle
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