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Personal phones or electronic devices may be allowed on site during working hours however only accessed during break periods. Phones or electronic devices are not to be used whilst driving any company vehicles unless a hands-free cradle is fitted.

The company does not allow use of any type of electronic media in which the companies equipment, property and/or operations including staff members are evident.  Release of such cannot be made available to third parties without the consent of senior management (Director).

This also includes intellectual information, for example processes which give competitive advantage, these are of value and are deemed an asset of the company.

In the event that the company’s privacy has been breached, senior management will ascertain the severity and impact to the company and or individuals.  Where there has been a financial loss, or competitive edge lost due to the breech the company reserves the right to pursue damages from any individuals involved for losses incurred.  A breech of this policy may result in instant dismissal.

Inappropriate and abusive comments made via social media against or in reference to either, the company, any of the company’s customers and/or any individual within the company will result in disciplinary action as the company sees fit.

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