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There are a number of minimum standards which must be met on each worksite, these are:

  • All employees and/or visitors to the site, must be inducted to the site
  • When entering a job site you must call on the designated UHF channel to advise you are entering the site and or leaving the site
  • You must wear the advised PPE requirements at all times, Day/Night Hi Vis and steel cap boots
  • When driving a light vehicle in the plantation your hazard lights must be on
  • All light vehicles/Maintenance vehicles must not exceed the maximum speed limit of 40km p/hr within job sites.
  • No entry or parking in Native vegetation and/or waterways. Park in designated parking area.
  • No smoking other than on a designated bear earth area
  • No access to the job site outside of work hours.
  • No unauthorized visitors on site are allowed
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