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1.9.  If an Employee thinks he/she has a drug or alcohol problem that is affecting their work, the Company encourages the Employee to ask for help from the Supervisor at an early stage (that is, before the Employee is the subject of testing), without fear of reprisal. Discussions will be kept confidential.  The Company will try to help the Employee resolve the problem, including by referring the Employee to appropriate community resources.

1.10.  At the Company’s sole discretion, it may allow an Employee to take unpaid leave to participate in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation or treatment programme. The Employee’s return to work after successful completion of the course of treatment will depend on the Company’s needs at that time and will be on the recommendation of the Company’s nominated medical practitioner.  The Employee may also be required to complete a course of follow-up treatment and return a negative drug and/or alcohol test before being permitted to return to work.

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