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Breach of the Drug and Alcohol Policy

 1.29.  The Company will enforce this Policy strictly. This includes if an Employee/Contractor consumes alcohol at a social event in such a way that it raises health and safety issues in the workplace, contributes to unacceptable job performance or the Employee/Contractor exhibits unusual job behaviour.

1.30.  If this Policy is breached, the Company may, in relation to Employees:


  • Send the Employee home on leave, which may be unpaid, for such period as may be reasonably necessary. This will be at least as long as required for the Employee to recover from the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Please note that if an Employee is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will not be permitted to drive their personal vehicle, or a company vehicle, from the Company’s premises.  This is both to protect the Employee’s own personal safety, and the health and safety of others.


  • Require the Employee, at his/her own expense, to undergo a further drug and alcohol screening test, and return a negative result, before permitting the Employee to return to work.


  • Take disciplinary action against the Employee up to and including dismissal. The nature and severity of the violation will determine the disciplinary action taken.

1.31.  If this Policy is breached, and the Employee returns a positive drug and/or alcohol test, the Company (and/or its insurer) may, at its sole discretion, require the Employee to indemnify the Company for any and all costs arising out of or in connection with such test.

1.32.  If this Policy is breached, the Company may, in relation to Contractors, terminate the Contractor’s engagement (with or without notice).

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