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Search and Surveillance 

1.36.  In order to further assist with achieving the objectives set out in this Policy, the Company may undertake search and surveillance. In particular:


  • The Company may search any property (including Employee or Contractor property) located within any area in the Company’s possession or control or within the possession or control of any client or customer of the Company (“Company premises”).

This may include offices, vehicles, workstations, production areas, lockers, and storage areas.  Such searches may be carried out on a random basis.

  • The Company may operate electronic surveillance equipment (including covertly) within Company premises at any time.
  • The Company may employ a specialist drug detection dog team to conduct inspections (including random inspections) within the Company premises.
  • If a drug detection dog or other detection mechanism indicates the recent possession and or use of drugs by an Employee or Contractor, the Company may require the Employee or Contractor to undergo drug testing in accordance with this Policy.

1.37.  For the avoidance of doubt, by bringing personal property onto Company premises, an Employee or Contractor is deemed to have consented to his or her property being searched or inspected in accordance with this Policy.

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