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  • Radius of Albany town boundary area only, unless authorised otherwise
  • Any law breaking with company vehicles will be at your own expense, e.g. speeding/overloading
  • If vehicles are damaged due to negligence or unauthorised usage, the insurance excess applicable will be yours to cover, i.e. $750
  • Company vehicles are for the assigned persons use only. Driving by other persons outside of work purposes is not allowed, unless authorised. If a vehicle is lent to an unauthorised person and is damaged, insurance may not cover this and therefore would be the responsibility of the assigned person
  • Vehicles are to be kept in a clean and tidy condition at all times, inside and out
  • Mechanical defects are to be reported immediately and oil and water levels are to be checked regularly
  • Phoenix Civil vehicle usage is a privilege, for your own personal use only, not for the benefits of others. It’s not a right and will be revoked without notice if this privilege is abused

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