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Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving Pty Ltd is committed to the principles of ecological sustainability by integrating economic, social and environmental goals in our policies and decision making activities, and when undertaking works and services for a customer.

Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving Pty Ltd Policy is to: 

  • Provide a safe, amenable, accessible environment for all members of the workforce and others on our sites.
  • Ensure our practices of economic sustainability are meeting community expectations. (ie Delivering High Standard of work).
  • Maximise the use of renewable energy sources by identifying efficient and responsible energy management practices, including minimising carbon emissions.
  • Encourage innovation and best practice sustainable design, construction and maintenance for the built environment.
  • Monitor emerging environmental technologies, equipment purchases and work processes relevant to our activities.
  • Maintain a strong awareness of our legislative obligations and regularly monitor our compliance at both office and project installation level.
  • Purchase equipment that reduces energy consumption and is technologically advanced
  • Seek the use of environmentally sustainable recycled materials and reduce waste generation on all worksites.
  • Minimise the use of materials that deplete natural resources or create toxic pollution. (ie metals, chemical usage)
  • Measure and review at management level our performance against our sustainability objectives and this policy.

Jeremy Palmer
Managing Director

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