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This policy covers all Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving activities that impact on the environment that we live and work in.

At Phoenix Civil & Earthmoving, we work towards ensuring that we:

  • comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • are committed to ongoing sustainable management of our environmental impacts within our facilities and operations and acting to reduce our rates of emissions, energy and waste
  • build a clear understanding of the risks to our Group of key environmental issues and building strategic plans to address these risks
  • develop a culture of sustainable environmental management by:
  • developing the awareness and involvement of our employees
  • implementing systems for environmental management
  • setting objectives and associated measurement systems to enable continuous improvement processes
  • where appropriate, commit to establishing business unit-specific environment management strategies for reducing our rate of emissions, energy and waste through improvement initiatives
  • commit to actively considering the use of alternative energy sources, and low emissions technology, as they become economically viable
  • share best practices for environmental management across our divisions
  • incorporate environmental considerations into our business decision-making processes, particularly for capital allocation
  • engage with our suppliers, customers and joint venture partners to develop improved environmental sustainability practices.

Jeremy Palmer
Managing Director

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